Get Involved

Do you want to help us put an end to geoengineering (aerial spraying of toxic metals into the atmosphere)? We hope you do because, without you help, we have no hope of ending chemtrail spraying. Our level of our success is entirely up to you.

Following are the first steps you need to take:

Sign up for our newsletter

Our newsletter will keep you updated with information and events that effect the state of Maine. It will also let you know when we are searching for people with special talents to lend us a hand.

Sign up for the Global Skywatch newsletter

Global Skywatch is our partner website. Their newsletter will keep you updated with global news and information regarding chemtrails.

Expose chemtrails

Share information about chemtrails with others. The Global Skywatch website provides a page of creative ideas for sharing information and exposing chemtrails. Remember, our success depends on your participation.

Educate yourself

The most effective way to share information about chemtrails is to be informed. Please visit the Global Skywatch website and watch the videos and read the articles provided there. Once you are informed, you will become more impassioned to help stop chemtrails.